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Healing the pelvic floor

core embodiment healing libido mastery painful sex pelvic floor health pelvic pain pelvis sexual pleasure trauma Jul 26, 2021

by: Emily Davies

A healthy pelvic floor is at the foundation of your sexual wellness. Pelvic floor health is so central to your sexual wellness that it is SO SEXY (even if it doesn’t sound that way)! In fact, I would love for you to become obsessed with your pelvic floor… at least for a little while... so you can go this deep with it: embodiment.  

First, a little background information for those of you who are just meeting this part of the body. The pelvic floor is a sling of tissues located at the bottom of the pelvis. There are at least three layers of  tissues: muscle, fascia, and erectile tissues. These tissues are what hold the clitoris, urethra, uterus, cervix, and rectum in place. 

The tissues in this area, just like any part of the body, can become tense & painful... but because the pelvic floor holds so many important organs, tension in this area can lead to an array of issues from sexual pain or dysfunction, to urinary pain, organ prolapse, rectal pain or musculoskeletal issues. On the other hand, the muscles can also become over stretched and weak from things like pregnancy, weight gain, or postural habits. Laxity and numbness affect those same important systems of the body - urinary, sexual, bowel - in different ways... like organ prolapse or incontinence. 

Aside from being absolutely no fun, issues “down there” can leave us feeling ashamed, helpless and vulnerable. However, there is hope! When you learn to awaken sensation in the pelvic floor, learn how it works with breathing function, how it works with core function and how to stretch and strengthen the tissues - you no longer need to feel helpless (or ashamed.... maybe still a little vulnerable)! 

It is possible to develop a strong feeling-sense - like waking up a sixth sense - with the pelvic floor. It takes time, but it’s worth it. When you have psycho-somatically inhabited the pelvic floor - you have learned to embody the pelvic floor.  With a knowledge of yogic tools and an awakened mind-body connection to the pelvic floor, you are able to effectively release any physical or emotional tension as well as build strong muscles that support your organs, develop strong sexual sensation, and have more powerful orgasms. And the beautiful part of taking an embodied approach to wellness is that as your body changes over your life, you will have the skills to address its changing needs.  

If you think of “embodiment” as the recipe - this video, Healing the pelvic floor, will give you all of the ingredients. Imagine how amazing you will feel to live this deeply in your own body! Look for more details on each of these ingredients in future videos. And (as some wise Instagrammer said)...May your intuition, pelvic floor, and coffee be strong!

If you want to embody your pelvic floor, check out my mini-course Unlock which will teach you the exact skills you'll need to start your journey towards mastery.