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Basics of Belly Breathing

basics belly breathing breath breathing pelvic floor health pelvicfloor pranayama soft belly yoga for sexual wellness Jul 15, 2021
by: Emily Davies

Belly breathing is a practice that reminds us to return to the basics. This practice shows us how something super simple can have a profound effect on feeling better.

"How in the world does this practice have anything to do with increasing pleasure?!"  You ask... 

You’ve heard the saying, “The issues are in the tissues.” Belly breathing is natural, but when we live a stressful life, or have bad posture habits, or trauma, we can end up with tension in the deep belly that prevents a normal, free-flow of breath. Fear lives in the deep belly, and any fears you may have around your sexuality will keep your belly locked tight and the sex organs will be held in that tension. 

The purpose of a belly breathing practice is to allow the breath to move into the body as low & deep as possible, without applying any force.  We want the respiratory diaphragm to relax and flow rather than trying to force or push the air into the body. The actual air doesn't reach the low belly, but when we bring more air into the lower parts of the lungs and the diaphragm fully expands, it creates pressure in the abdomen known as intra-abdominal pressure. 

If you do this practice with an intention to soften the reservoir of sex organs, the nervous system that encases all parts will respond. When you allow the breath to move into the deep belly, along with a sense of relaxation, you are massaging the organs of the abdominal and pelvic cavities with the increase of pressure & ease. Your breath and awareness will touch these parts of the body, bringing an increase of oxygen flow & hydration into these areas, toning them, and flushing toxins.  

When you choose to deepen the breath inward, and slowly prolong the exhale, you’ll move from a more anxious chest-breathing pattern to a softer and deeper breath as you would when totally relaxed.

When you follow the Do’s and Don’ts of Belly Breathing as I’ve outlined in the video, you will increase elasticity of tissues of the deep belly, decrease stress, and awaken the mind-body connection to your sex organs.

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