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Number One Yoga Pose for Awakening Sexual Energy in Women

healing makarasana makrasana restorative trauma yin yoga Aug 23, 2021

by: Emily Davies

The restorative yoga posture called Makrasana, or crocodile pose, will help you feel centered, grounded, relaxed and amazing in your own skin. This pose naturally helps to evoke a deep sense of safety in the nervous system. For that reason, it’s proven to be very helpful for women who have a history of sexual trauma, feel disconnected from their sexual self, and/or suffer from a low libido.  With consistent practice and intention, this pose can help women slowly draw forth the hidden treasure of a repressed sexual self.

To do the posture, prepare to lay face-down placing your abdomen on the floor, or against the support of a yoga bolster, pillow, or on a rolled up blanket. Keep the knees wider than the hips and turn the toes outward, and let your forehead rest on your stacked palms. Plan to spend around twelve minutes relaxing here with a focus on allowing your inhale to bring your breath all the way down into the belly. Please never force or push your breath into your belly! 

There is a gentle massage of the abdomen as you breathe into the belly and it presses against the floor or bolster. Physically, the vast network of nerves, tissues, organs, and vessels will all benefit from this relaxed, deep breath and gentle belly massage. 

Keep your focus on the abdomen to naturally flush fresh energy into this space of the body. Over time, your deep reservoir of sexual and creative energy will receive this influx of focused energetic flow. 

The mind, body and spirit are all woven together, and to truly embody your inner sex goddess you must address all facets of your sexuality. When you can spend twelve minutes with a relaxed focus on the seat of your sex organs, you build a mental and emotional resilience that can help you feel more confident in letting go of old pain stories and help you love your body and it's unique sexual expression. 

Yoga poses like this one are gifts that help us feel our yin sexual essence, awaken our higher senses and intuition - all of which help us move from coping to thriving. Try practicing this pose with the intention of connecting with your sexual energy and see what happens!

This is a yin-centric approach to sexual awakening where we relax more and "do" less, in an effort to tap into a deep source of sexual energy. If you're looking for the yang to this yin, check out my course called "Empower!" It has all of my practices, tips and techniques for expanding pleasure in the female body.