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The Great Reset between the Thighs

new year reset rest sexuality Jan 07, 2022

 Is it time for a sexual recession? A inquiry for the New Year.

by: Emily Davies


Has sex been reduced to the same level of instant gratification that one gets from eating a donut? It tastes pretty good, but is nutritionally empty. 

Do you continue to repeat unhealthy patterns in relationships?

Do you feel utterly disinterested in sex?

Do you feel addicted to sex?

If you answered yes, then it might be time for some sexual-self study.


>>>>>>>This is not a one-sized fits all approach.


Some will need to have more conscious sexual play. To bring the flame of their loving awareness & sensual touch to their sexual center. To unthaw & play around in their waters.


Some will need to draw their energy inward to their Hara (tantien, energy center in the abdomen) and hold.. Expanding their energetic center by containing their energy. 


And then, observe. 

Outside of judgement. Just watch.

See what it feels like to do something different.

See how your body feels.

What thoughts arise.

Observe how you diffuse your energy…

Or suppress it.

Expanding & containing one’s energy for a bit can be a beautiful practice of refilling the oil lamp of the sexual center.  

We can get to know the primal, human, and Divine ways in which we can have the best sex life EVER. 

A sexual recession is time to let your sexuality be YOURs for a bit. 

To feel sexual & sexy AND to hold that feeling close to your heart. 

To let it be precious.